Driving for Uber

Recently, as of November of last year, I have been driving as an ‘Uber driver’ for part time work and extra cash.

This is how it works:

  • Using my own vehicle,
  • an Uber app on my phone,
  • I work when I want to work
  • No routes or driving around

Basically, what happens is when someone wants a ride they use the uber app to send a signal.  That signal then goes to the closest driver, and if they accept then they are locked in to that person till released.

What I do is is turn on the app and login as available when I am at home.  I live in a part of town that is close enough to where there is a lot of rider activity so it works well for me.  Once I am out and have completed a ride, I quickly can get another ride so I just stay out till I feel done or am tired of driving.

How much am I making?  $150 a night mostly.  Not bad, right.  Here is proof:

How I made $150 in just one night driving Uber
How I made $150 in just one night driving Uber

Uber is looking for drivers and if you have a 4-door car that is under 10 years old,  current registration and your name on the insurance then you can drive too.  Click here to apply to drive